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“How to Attract More Pre-Qualified,
Pre-Positioned & Less Price Sensitive
Boat Buyers…Without Blowing Time
or Money on Schemes That Flat Out Don’t Work”

(Boat Dealer Profits and Matt Sellhorst Only Assist Honest and Ethical Boat Dealers, Brokers and Manufacturers who are serious about success and willing to do what it takes to achieve it.)


Dear Motivated Marine Professional,

Are you an honest and ethical dealer, broker (or even manufacturer) with a hunger to sell more boats to less price sensitive boat buyers without wasting time or money on schemes that flat-out don’t work?  If  so, you came to the right place.

Hi, I’m Matt Sellhorst.  Author of the book; Marine Marketing Strategies, speaker and Head Profits Coach here at Boat Dealer Profits.  While here, there are 4 things you really should do…






Boat Manufacturers, OEMs and
Marine Trade Associations

By the way, if you are a manufacturer, OEM or Trade Association interested in a special training session, speaking engagement or other consulting project, please click here to provide the details of your project.   From there, you will be contacted to set up an exploratory call with Matt.



What Other Marine Industry Professionals
Have to Say About Matt Sellhorst:

“If you’d like to sell more boats, sell those boats at higher prices, get more brokerage listings and haven’t been able to do it in this new economy, you may want to talk with Matt Sellhorst.  He’s a sharp guy.  He has integrity.  And, he just may be the right guy to help.  I recommend you give him a call and find out for yourself if his strategies are right for your boat business.”

Jeff Hall, Owner of Hall Marine Group (Top 100 Dealer)

Will Massey, Owner of Custom Marine


Liz Walz of MRAA“At MRAA, we work hard to find experts with insight, tools and strategies that can really make a difference for marine businesses. The appeal of working with Matt Sellhorst is that his advice is based on what was successful for him as a salesperson for a leading marine dealership. It’s practical. It’s proven. And it’s designed to be effective in any size business.”

Liz Walz, VP of MRAA and MDCE Host


Rick Neal of Hall Marine Group (Top 100 Dealer)


Jonathan Sweet of Boating Industry“Matt has spoken for us at our annual Marine Dealer Conference & Expo and written multiple articles for the website. He always provides great information to help dealers improve their marketing.”

Jonathan Sweet, Managing Editor of Boating Industry Magazine and MDCE Host



Dan Allen, Owner of Valley Marine


Mark Yearn of Norman Spencer Insurance“I can highly recommend Matt and his abilities – I have seen Matt’s presentations a number of times, and have verified his results with a number of clients. His experience, techniques and philosophies have valuable applications to the marine dealers he is working with.. He is a valuable asset to anyone who engages his services.”

Mark Yearn, Marine Insurance Specialist at Norman Spencer


Jerry Brouwer, Owner of Action Water Sports (Top 100 Dealer)


Rick Neal of Hall Marine“If you are in need of improving your online presence or overall marketing strategy, I’d certainly give Matt Sellhorst at call.  Not only does he understand sales and marketing, he has demonstrated a tremendous success in the industry.”

Rick Neal, VP of Sales and Marketing at Hall Marine (Top 100 Dealer)



Ester, Marketing Manager at M & P Mercury Marine


Larry Bunch“As Matt’s GM for about 5 years, I saw him go form a ‘No Boat Selling Son of a Gun’ to a Top Producer.  I attribute most of his success to his sales and marketing system.  I have to admit when he first started, I was very skeptical of a lot of his methods.  After being in the business over 30 years, you see a lot of people who think they have a better way.  but Matt proved even though he isn’t a natural born salesman that with the right marketing and sales systems anyone can be a tremendous success.   If your dealership isn’t doing as well ad it should be and you’d like to have your prospects pre-positioned to do business with you and less price sensitive, you may want to try his methods.”

Larry Bunch, GM at Lake Wylie Marina (Currently at Duncan Boats and Matt’s former GM)


Kristina and Brandee from Gage Marine (Top 100 Dealer)


Jeff Hall Marine Matt Sellhorst“If you want to sell more boats, sell those boats at higher prices, get more brokerage listings and haven’t been able to do it in this new economy, you should probably talk with Matt.  He’s a sharp guy.  He has integrity.  And, he may just be the right guy to help your dealership.”

Jeff Hall, Owner of Hall Marine Group (Top 100 Dealer)



Matt Sellhorst at Boat Dealer Profits Has Been Featured In:

Boating Industry Soundings Trade Only


To Contact Matt Sellhorst

Call Sarah at (803) 526-7400 x 700




Matt Sellhorst speaking at the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL

Matt Sellhorst speaking at the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL.  As a speaker, author and coach, Sellhorst has helped countless number of folks in the boat business.



Matt Sellhorst at Boat Dealer Profits



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